Tuition Information & Fees






General Education


$200 per unit




$200 per unit


$300 per unit


$400 per unit


General Fees

Application Fee


Registration Fee


Late Tuition Fee

10% of Tuition (15% after a month)

Add/Drop Fee


Mailing Fee

$30 per address

Returned Check Fee

$35 per check

Student Service Fee


Graduation Service Fee


$200 (TBA)


$300 (TBA)


$400 (TBA)

Certificate of Enrollment Fee

$20 per copy and $30 per address

Official Transcript Fee

$20 per copy and $30 per address


Thesis & Dissertation Fee


$300 (TBA)


$500 (TBA)


$700 (TBA)


Explanation of Fees


Application Fee

New students pay a small fee to cover the processing of their application. Non-refundable.


Registration Fee

A fee is paid by all students once per quarter, to cover expenses associated with registration. Non-refundable.


Late Registration Fee

On a designated date during the second half of each quarter, we conduct registration for the following quarter. Students need to meet with their academic advisor, and turn in the forms to the registrar. A student who does not make his/her appointments and properly submit all paperwork (including the textbook order form) for registration will be charged a late registration fee.


Late Tuition Fee

If student does not pay the tuition by the tuition due day, student will be assessed a late payment charge based on the amount of his/her outstanding balance. An additional 10% of total tuition will be charged for the late tuition fee (5% for RN program), and 15% of total tuition will be charged after a month from the tuition due date. Failure to pay the outstanding balance may result in a hold on the student’s academic records.


Add/Drop Fee

If, after the start of the quarter, you realize that you need to drop or add a course, you may do so within a certain period at the beginning of the quarter without additional charge. (See the calendar in the front of this catalog for the exact dates.) To add or drop a course after the stated period of the start of the quarter, students must pay the Add/Drop Fee for each time.


Student Activity Fee

A fee is paid by all students once per quarter to cover expenses associated with student activities.


Student Association Fee

A fee is required for all students. It covers funding for campus clubs, student organizations, and student advocacy efforts, and supports the general operation costs of the University of Southwest America Student Association.


Student Service Fee

Required of all students, the Student Service Fee covers services which benefit students and which are complementary to the instructional program. The Fee supports various student services, such as counseling, library access, technology and equipment, student assessment processing, and educational and career support services.


Graduation Service Fee

Upon graduation, candidates will need to submit the graduation check form with the fee. University of Southwest America will provide various services including the rental of your graduation robe. This fee offsets the university’s costs for graduation. It covers the cost of the student’s diploma, cap and gown, and all Commencement activities regardless of attendance.


Transcript Fee / Certificate of Enrollment Fee

Throughout your career you will occasionally need “official” copies of your transcript or Certificate of Enrollment to be sent to employers or other universities. University of Southwest America will send an official transcript or Certificate of Enrollment upon your request and upon the receipt of the payment of the then-current transcript fee.


Returned Check Charge

If payment is made by check and the check is returned for any reason, we will charge back the amount of the check plus the returned check charge.


Thesis Fee

The Thesis fee is for review of thesis, dissertation or vision statement for each program’s student.


Continuation Fee

An enrollment fee is paid by students who continuously need to enroll without taking courses before the completion of the graduation requirements. The Fee amount corresponds to 1 unit of tuition fee for each program.



Payment Schedule


Tuition and Fees

All students must pay tuition and fees in full by the appropriate due date to participate in classes. If students fail to do so, the school may ban students from attending classes.


Unpaid Accounts

Students who do not maintain current financial accounts with the university will be denied the privilege of classroom attendance beginning five days after the payment is due. Absences will be counted until the payment is made in full or until withdrawal is instituted.

A student whose account is not paid in full (including tuition and fees) by the end of the quarter will not be allowed to reenroll in the subsequent quarter.

USWA makes exceptions to this policy only with the approval of the President. In those cases where the university elects to make an exception, the student is required to sign and comply with an approved payment agreement. If the student withdraws from the university without paying the account in full, the payment plan becomes void and the university has the right to collect the unpaid amount immediately. Should the university find it necessary to use the services of a collection agency or attorney, the former student is responsible for all court costs, reasonable collection and litigation fees, up to 200 percent of the balance due.

A student will not be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies and receive grades, a certificate, diploma, degree, transcript, or letter of recommendation until all financial obligations have been satisfied in accordance with the university’s financial policies.


Policies and Procedures regarding Financial Aid

University of Southwest America does not participate in Federal and State financial aid programs.

If a student obtains a loan to pay for an educational program, the student will have the responsibility to repay the full amount of the loan plus interest, less the amount of any refund, and that, if the student has received federal student financial aid funds, the student is entitled to a refund of the moneys not paid from federal student financial aid program funds.


Tuition Refunds

If you find it necessary to withdraw from the university, you may be eligible for a refund for part of your tuition. (We do not give refunds for fees, nor audited courses.) In order to qualify for a refund, you must notify the Administration Office of your intent to withdraw. As part of the withdrawal procedure you must settle all accounts. If you do not follow the withdrawal procedure, you will receive a grade of “F” for all courses and will forfeit eligibility for any tuition refunds. Students who are dismissed or suspended from the university are not eligible for any refunds.


Student Right to Cancel and Refund

Students who cancel their enrollment agreement and withdraw during a term may receive a refund of tuition based upon the date they withdraw. Fees are nonrefundable. Students who withdraw after enrollment and before the first class session of a term receive a 90 percent refund. Students who withdraw for first week after attendance period receive a 80 percent. Students who withdraw for second week receive a 60 percent. No refund is made after 20 percent (from the third week) of the attendance period.

Enrollment Time



After Enrollment and Before the first class session of a term



                 0%~6.67 %






                After 20%~











Student Tuition Recovery Fund

You must pay the state-imposed assessment for the Student Tuition Recovery Fund (STRF) if all of the following applies to you: 1) You are a student in an educational program, who is a California resident, or are enrolled in a residency program, and prepay all or part of your tuition either by cash, guaranteed student loans, or personal loans, and 2) Your total charges are not paid by any third-party payer such as an employer, government program or other payer unless you have a separate agreement to repay the third party.

You are not eligible for protection from the STRF and you are not required to pay the STRF assessment, if either of the following applies: 1) You are not a California resident, or are not enrolled in a residency program, or 2) Your total charges are paid by a third party, such as an employer, government program or other payer, and you have no separate agreement to repay the third party.”

The State of California created the Student Tuition Recovery Fund (STRF) to relieve or mitigate economic losses suffered by students in educational programs who are California residents, or are enrolled in a residency programs attending certain schools regulated by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education.

You may be eligible for STRF if you are a California resident or are enrolled in a residency program, prepaid tuition, paid the STRF assessment, and suffered an economic loss as a result of any of the following: 1) The school closed before the course of instruction was completed; 2) The school’s failure to pay refunds or charges on behalf of a student to a third party for license fees or any other purpose, or to provide equipment or materials for which a charge was collected within 180 days before the closure of the school; 3) The school’s failure to pay or reimburse loan proceeds under a federally guaranteed student loan program as required by law or to pay or reimburse proceeds received by the school prior to closure in excess of tuition and other costs; 4) There was a material failure to comply with the Act or this Division within 30 days before the school closed or, if the material failure began earlier than 30 days prior to closure, the period determined by the Bureau; 5) An inability after diligent efforts to prosecute, prove, and collect on a judgment against the institution for a violation of the Act.


Scholarships and Other Financial Aid

As part of your application packet you will receive a scholarship application. (You can also obtain this form from the Registrar’s Office.) By completing and submitting this form, you can apply for a number of scholarships provided by the university. A scholarship committee comprised of members of the administration, faculty, and staff matches the information supplied on your application with the criteria set.


The following list describes our available scholarships:


Southwest University Board Scholarship

USWA Board Scholarship is established by the Board of Directors of University of Southwest America.

Scholarship Criteria: The Scholarship is to be available to a student who is 1) a formal or current employee at University of Southwest America; 2) any relatives of University of Southwest America’s employee; or 3) dependent children and spouses of currently serving Christian pastors and missionaries.

Scholarship Amount: Maximum $5,000


Presidential Merit Scholarship

The Presidential Merit Scholarship was established to honor students who have exhibited or have the potential to exhibit extraordinary abilities and contributions.

Scholarship Criteria: Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.85. Multiple recipients are to be chosen by the Scholarship Committee and confirmed by the President of the University.

Scholarship Amount: Maximum $10,000


Dean’s Merit Scholarship

The Dean’s Merit Scholarship has been established to honor students who have exhibited or have the potential to exhibit exceptional talent and contribution in their major field.

Scholarship Criteria: Students must be pursuing a degree in University of Southwest America and must demonstrate exceptional talent and contribution at their major field. The recipient is to be chosen by the Dean of each school and the Scholarship Committee.

Scholarship Amount: Maximum $10,000


Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Graduate students who demonstrate exceptional talent and extensive professional experience may be eligible for teaching assistantships, which offer tuition assistance. The recipient is to be chosen by the Dean of each school and the Scholarship Committee.

Scholarship Amount: Maximum $3,000